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The Sponsors of The Golden Tarp Awards 2016

We thank everyone that attended and a big thank you to all the sponsors for The Golden Tarp 2016!


Forever Flowering Greenhouses sponsors The Golden Tarp


Founded in sustainability and reduction of carbon footprints FFG supplies only the highest quality products to lower your monthly overhead while ensuring large yields and top quality flowers, vegetables and herbs. Forever Flowering’s engineering is backed by over 40 years of experience and all of our structures meet strict NGMA greenhouse standards. Our professional grade greenhouses are constructed using sturdy designs and can withstand high wind and snow loads. The leaders in light deprivation technology, Forever Flowering Greenhouses specializes in greenhouses, breathable walls and other equipment for year-round greenhouse use.

Pure Analytics sponsors The Golden Tarp Awards


California’s most trusted cannabis potency and safety testing laboratory. We provide fast, affordable cannabis potency testing and safety screening to the medicinal cannabis community with lab-validated results in an easy-to-understand format. Our unique services drive results in cultivation programs, dispensary-patient interactions and the overall patient experience with comprehensive programs and targeted feedback on your results.

The Ganjier


Our mission is to provide a platform for qualified Ganjiers to share their expertise, wisdom, and tips to those interested in being part of the new cannabis industry. From professionals who have had multiple years of experience, The Ganjier offers advice and information on specializations such as cultivation, cannabis law, edible production, branding, marketing and more. The Ganjier founders and contributors have been part of the movement that helped usher in the new attitudes toward the cannabis plant. Now they’re here to share their experience and their vision.


Americover sponsors The Golden Tarp Awards


Americover specializes in providing personalized, function driven products, designed to address the temporary and long term protection needs of its customers. We currently offer hundreds of products, available in over 40 countries, making us a leader in protection from the ground up.

Cutting Edge Solutions sponsors The Golden Tarp Awards 2016


Founded in 2001, CES is steadily approaching its third decade of providing quality products and unmatched customer service to those in need. We strive to create and manufacture the highest quality mineral-based and organic fertilizers, as well as the purest isolates from our laboratory. All of our products are produced and blended in house, and sourced from American minerals.

dbs analytics


We test and make recommendations that are in alignment with sustainable, earth friendly practices. DBS does not recommend chemical fertilizer or pest control. We believe that healthy soils grow healthy plant and that holistic preventative measures far outweigh the conventional alternative.

Eden Farms, Humboldt County Cannabis farm


Eden Farms Inc., are a California Consumer Cooperative Corporation established to increase access to high quality medical cannabis, cannabis products and cannabis genetics. Our goal is to promote sharing regarding ecologically sound cultivation, processing, testing, concentrating and distribution of medical cannabis and bi-products.

Emerald Family Farms cannabis farms


In an ever-changing market place Emerald Family Farms consists of broad range of master growers, breeders, healers, and farmers. Located in Humboldt County, California, Emerald Family Farms boasts strains like OG Kush and Yeti, which grow up to 15 feet tall in the Northern California sunshine.

the emerald cup sponsors The Golden Tarp Awards


The Emerald Cup is Northern California’s premier destination for medicinal marijuana, while advancing the concept of sustainable, outdoor farming. Its reputation is firmly solidified as the largest, most respected, organic, outdoor, medicinal cannabis competition in the world. As a group, The Emerald Cup prides itself in bringing together experts and educators in the cannabis field to our fellow farmers, patients, and patrons each year. It is a community celebration that has grown to become a global movement honoring the year’s finest, organic, sun-grown, medicinal cannabis harvest.

flow kana sponsors The Golden Tarp Awards by The Ganjier


We pride ourselves in being the first sustainable, sun-grown cannabis brand that embraces California values and the small farmer ecosystem. We partner, and give scale, to premier craft farmers in the Emerald Triangle who focus on small-batch boutique strains. Find us below or shop online if you’re in our delivery range. Our farmers are located in and around the Emerald Triangle. All of their medicine is grown with love under the California sun with only the best organic inputs and sustainable practices. Along with connoisseur grade medicinal cannabis, many of our farmers also grow a mix of vegetables, flowers and herbs.

Fools Gold Enterprises vends at The Golden Tarp Awards


Fools Gold Enterprises helps you grow your life from the ground up. We offer services to help you diversify and improve your quality of life through varying agricultural and sustainability applications. From carrots to cannabis, we are helping our neighbors and communities gain independence through sustainability and good business practices.

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Ganjier Solutions sponsors The Golden Tarp Awards


Ganjier Solutions is a solution provider that focuses on web development, social strategy consulting and social account management. We hold ourselves to the highest standards as we collaboratively grow your business. With five-plus years of providing digital services to the industry and decades of industry knowledge available to you. We understand the cannabis industry’s history, present and future and what the need is. Digital marketing and brand building online is one of the most effective means of marketing for your cannabis-based business. Your success is impacted by how you build your brand online and how you interact with your customers.

humboldt ag supply sponsor logo


Since 2013, Humboldt Ag Supply has been offering sustainable fertilizers to small farms throughout Northern California. We’re taking a precise, data-driven approach to soil fertility management. We’re promoting science on the farm and helping the modern farmer grow — moving away from potting media replacement toward informed nutrient application. And with the experience and expertise of our team of ag industry veterans, we’re making it easier than ever.

Humboldt County Grown vends at The Golden Tarp Awards


Humboldt Grown. Humboldt Genetics

Humboldts Finest 420 Collective sponsors The Golden Tarp Awards


Humboldts Finest 420 Collective’s goal is to provide the highest quality product available from behind the infamous “Redwood Curtain”. We pride ourselves on our fantastic customer service and quality control to insure satisfaction with every purchase. Please contact us for more details!!

Humboldt Green sponsors The Golden Tarp Awards


Who We Are

We are consultants, business owners, business coaches and marketing professionals dedicated to helping small businesses grow their revenue, grow their profits and improve operations. We have many years of experience helping businesses expand and improve the bottom line.

Why We’re Different

We have a huge network of partners we work with so we can often help find the people needed to bridge the gaps in your business. We’re focused on the community and the local economy so we truly care about helping your business succeed.

Madrone Collective vends at The Golden Tarp Awards

Madrone California

Madrone is a network of exceptional cultivators from the Emerald Triangle. Flowers are lab tested to ensure impeccable quality and safety.

NHS sponsors The Golden Tarp Awards

Northcoast Horticulture Supply

NHS was founded in 2002 to provide local Humboldt County growers with the BEST service, selection and solutions for all their gardening needs. Northcoast Horticulture Supply has four brick and mortar stores, one web store, and 40 people working hard to get you the right products at the right time for you and your garden.

Northern Nights Music Festival

Northern Lights Music Festival

Northern Nights Music Festival 3-Days of Music & Arts | Mendocino/Humboldt County Line #NNMF | July 15-17, 2016 | Tickets Back On Sale Soon!

Off The Grid Organics sponsors The Golden Tarp Awards


OTG Organics, promotes healthy, conscious, eating; organic, pesticide-free, vegetarianism and self-reliant sustainability. OTG Organics’ missions is to live, eat and thrive consciously, independently and teach others how to accomplish this on a budget with little space to grow a garden.

Ohana Grown Farms vends at The Golden Tarp Awards


*information coming soon*

Royal Gold Coco sponsor The Golden Tarp Awards


Royal Gold is the original coco soil company. As the first all coco based soils company in California, and debatably, the United States, Royal Gold has been re-setting the standard for quality, consistency and performance for nearly a decade. Based in Humboldt County, on the gorgeous north coast of California, Royal Gold has had the advantage of extensive research and development, and field testing in a community that demands unparalleled results and service.

satori movement sponsors The Golden Tarp Awards


The Satori Movement is a collective of creative and progressive thinkers who believe in living simply and respecting Mother Earth. Satori continually strives to find new ways to reduce our environmental impact and improve our quality of life one sustainable garment at a time. Join us in the Movement. 

Soilscape Solutions sponsors The Golden Tarp Awards


Soilscape Solutions was co-founded in January 2012 by a team of Northern California, Humboldt County based, Certified Master Soil Consultants with a vision of helping farmers, gardeners, landscapers, open space/turf managers, land/homeowners, and composters learn the importance of working with the biology in the soil. Soilscape Solutions is committed to assisting their clients in achieving their goals and building a healthy soilscape. Our knowledgeable team has trained with top scientists and leaders in the field and are ready to assist with your soil’s revitalization through innovative practices that address the whole system.

synergy compost tea vendor logo


Synergy Agricultural Products is proud to be based in Sonoma County California. We are blessed to be surrounded by some of the world’s most advanced agricultural communities and some of the highest technically advanced manufacturing companies in the world. We listen to yours and their comments, ideas and inspirations, blend them together with our expertise and then bring these innovations to you.

Talking Trees Collective vends at The Golden Tarp Awards


High grade organic and sustainable collective. Humboldt. CA 215 patients only. 2nd place CBD concentrate winners Emerald Cup 2015.

terravida farms sponsors The Golden Tarp Awards


medicine as it was meant to be. artisanal organic flowers sustainably sun grown in the hills of humboldt county, california.

True Humboldt sponsors The Golden Tarp Awards


Humboldt is more than a place where great medicine is grown. It’s an icon, a legend, an idea, a philosophy, and, to True Humboldt, it’s even a mission. We believe cannabis can play a healing role in a patient’s life. Physically. Emotionally. Environmentally. Even spiritually. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to offering the best cannabis and services available anywhere.

Wonderland Nursery Clone Dispensary


We are Wonderland Nursery. Humboldt County’s premier dispensary of high quality clones. People come to us not only for quality clones but for the expert advice and industry trend information. We believe that supporting the skilled growers in the region with excellent service means raising the bar even higher for anyone outside of the Emerald Triangle. We are California Proud.