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Redwood Roots

REDWOOD ROOTS is a sponsor of the 2017 Golden Tarp Awards by The Ganjier. We thank them for the support as well as the commitment to advancing our community. Contact this expert via the information below and get the information  you seek.

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Redwood Roots Collective


Humboldt County, CA


About This 2017 Golden Tarp Sponsor

Redwood Roots Inc. is a family of farmers and canna-artisans that have come together to bring nature’s best medicine from our community of multi generational farmers to you. Our sources use sustainable farming practices, rooted in a healthy community and environment for ourselves and future generations.

Deep in the magical mountains and valleys of Humboldt County, in rural Northern California, some of the world’s most legendary cannabis cultivators have been firmly rooted for over 40 years.

Planted in the heart of Southern Humboldt, Redwood Roots Inc. is a medical cannabis collective dedicated to providing the highest quality medicine from farm to you while working to protect local cannabis heritage and culture in this unique region.

Our collective body of knowledge and experience has been growing for two generations.

Seeds brought from select regions of the world have been bred here for decades to thrive in gardens tucked into this diverse landscape with its varied micro climates. This rich history and the integrity of our farms enable our members to experience premium cannabis from unique strains including Sativas, Indicas, hybrids and CBDs. Our premium cannabis enables us to produce top quality cannabis products. The passion we have for our medicine and the love for our community is reflected in our products and our dedication to local organizations and individuals that strive to keep Southern Humboldt a healthy and beautiful place.

We aim to create and operate a farmer to patient resource center that serves as a local cannabis company by offering services to farmers/cultivators to connect medicine from our appellation to patients and manufactures state-wide.

As lifelong members of this community, we want to preserve our culture and prosper together with our friends and family.

Our collective medicinal gardens produce the highest quality medicine.