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Green Nation Group

GREEN NATION GROUP is a sponsor of the 2017 Golden Tarp Awards by The Ganjier. We thank them for the support as well as the commitment to advancing our community. Contact this expert via the information below and get the information  you seek.

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San Francisco, CA 94578


About This 2017 Golden Tarp Sponsor

Green Nation Group stands for creatively utilizing the cannabis plant without limitation of techniques from the past into the FUTURE! We are in the industry since 2010 and we believe this is the only products that care about and support people’s health.

Our goal is to provide the most authentic new medicine for the ones who need it and to make sure our clients are in hands of real people who are responsible for our race in times where corporations are poisoning us and climate change destroys our living environment that we love so much.

We are proud to unite our Green Nation and work together for world consciousness and peace.

The Green Nation Group Philosophy

In economics today that every product is prioritized to be made cheap and sell expensive, We chose to create cannabis product that grows as natural as possible on the Magical Lost Coast. The plant never had no external heat to dry but the hotness from the microclimate, then it had picked up and manicured by lovely hands of Human beings.

Cannabis buds have been tested in Leading Lab in San Francisco to insure that the Medicine is as pure as Life itself.

We believe that inhaling herbs is been trending from decades that any of us remember. The idea is to keep the tradition of the human race alive, and embrace it to the highest level.

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