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The Humboldt Cure

THE HUMBOLDT CURE is a sponsor of the 2017 Golden Tarp Awards by The Ganjier. We thank them for the support as well as the commitment to advancing our community. Contact this expert via the information below and get the information  you seek.

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Humboldt County, CA


About This 2017 Golden Tarp Sponsor


  • 1st Place Best Vape Cartridge-Hempcon Halloweed 2016
  • 3rd Place Best Non Solvent-Hempcon Halloweed 2016
  • Highest Terpene Show-Hempcon Halloweed 2016
  • 2nd Place Best CBD Product-The Emerald Cup 2016
  • 2nd Place Best Rosin-Happy Place Festival 2016
  • 3rd Place Best Rosin-Happy Place Festival 2016
  • Highest CBD Rosin-Happy Place Festival 2016
  • Highest CBD BHO-Happy Place Festival 2016
  • 1st Place Most Potent Vape Cartridge-Local Sesh
  • 1st Place Best Indica Flower-Dabathon 3
  • 3rd Place Best Sativa Flower-Dabathon 3
  • 2nd Place best Vape Cartridge-Dabathon 3
  • 3rd Place Best Medicated Product-Dabathon 3
  • 3rd Place Rosin-Dabathon 3
  • 3rd Place Distillate-Dabathon 3
  • 3rd Place Best Product-Dabathon 3
  • 3rd Place CBD Product-Dabathon