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Vital Garden Supply

VITAL GARDEN SUPPLY is a sponsor of the 2017 Golden Tarp Awards by The Ganjier. We thank them for the support as well as the commitment to advancing our community. Contact this expert via the information below and get the information  you seek.

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204 Gold Flat Ct.
Nevada City, CA 95959


About This 2017 Golden Tarp Sponsor

providing superior quality organic farm, garden and landscaping products

We are proud to say that Vital Garden Supply is a family-owned and operated business. Family members from 3 generations help make up our knowledgeable staff. Vital Garden Supply began operating in 2006 with a strong commitment to providing superior quality organic farm, garden and landscaping products. Our headquarters and retail location is located in Nevada City, Ca. We also have distribution centers in Ukiah and Wheatland Ca.

“Vital Garden Products”

We only source products that are natural, organic and sustainable. All of our products are lab and field tested with a focus on Clean Green and CDFA organic certifications. We manufacture our own product line under the “Vital Garden Products” label as well as distribute many other top quality organic products. Our Vital Garden Products line is gaining popularity and will be become more of our focus in the years to come.

Compost Tea Recipe

vital garden supply compost tea

Photo courtesy of Vital Garden Supply

Vital Garden Supply’s Compost Tea Recipe brews a complete plant health tonic, which contains multiple humus sources, microbial rich compost and worm castings. Brewing Vital’s organic compost tea grows beneficial microorganisms exponentially and boosts soil biology! Our brewed compost tea cures and prevents fungal and bacterial diseases. It also increases a plant’s ability to uptake more nutrients resulting in healthy growth.

Nutrient Program

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Photo courtesy of Vital Garden Supply

Vital Garden Supply’s Nutrient Programs are a simple way to achieve maximum results! They combine NPK based products and beneficial microorganisms. Our biologically based organic programs are great for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse growing. These Nutrient Programs perform in a variety of growing mediums.