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Tea Lab

The Ganjier

We thank this 2016 Golden Tarp Awards vendor for the support as well as the commitment to advancing our community. Contact this expert via the information below and follow up or get in touch if you missed them.

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Tea Lab vends at The Golden Tarp Awards


3952 Jacobs Ave
Eureka CA, United States


About This 2016 Golden Tarp Awards Vendor

Why TeaLab?

TeaLAB is committed to helping people and their gardens to become more self sufficient, healthier, and productive.  Grow your sweetest corn, your biggest watermelon, your tallest quinoa, your tastiest tomato, and your happiest you.

TeaLAB was founded to teach people how to  garden organically, so that we can become more closely connected with the land.  Our goal has been to simplify growing methods so that gardeners  have a positive experience in the garden.

TeaLAB is where the garden meets the laboratory.  From around the world and into your backyard, our products contain ingredients that are sourced both locally and globally.   Using methods both ancient and cutting edge, TeaLAB promotes maximum biology.

Grow with TeaLAB.