How The Golden Tarp Celebrates You

The Awards

There are FOUR main awards being presented to the contestants of the Annual Golden Tarp Awards! We at The Ganjier believe that we have some of the best cannabis growers in the world here in the great Emerald Triangle so the awards being presented must be up to the same high standards. A lot of thought goes into each award and even more into who wins each of them. Please read more about each award below.

The Golden Tarp Award

The CBD Award

The THC Award

The Golden Tarp's Ganjier Award

The Ganjier Award


GoldenTarp0913_2014_JoseQuezada3293webWhat should you win at a light dep competition? Co-founder Kevin Jodrey decided the winner of The Ganjier’s light dep competition should have a trophy to proudly take home that artfully represented the labor and sacrifice that goes into light dep.

Handcrafted and designed by artist and professor Joyce Centofanti, she flies to the Shiodni Bronze Foundry of Colorado and has the bronze for the core poured into the custom mold. She created the mold in 2014 for the 1st annual Golden Tarp Award. Each piece is unique as it’s handmade each year, as she does more than just change the year on the mold. After the bronze is cast, Joyce adds color and other finishing touches through a variety of art techniques that include welding, chasing, wax work, and patina.

The winner of the 3rd annual Golden Tarp Award must enter a flower grown using light deprivation that tests clean of pesticides, fungi, and mold. The flower must also test in the top 4 for highest cannabinoids in its category (Floral, Fuel, Fruity, Earth). Then it is reviewed the day of the competition as part of the Top 16 entries by a panel of judges. A handful of our judges are picked by The Ganjier team and the majority of judges are picked randomly from valid 215 patients who attend the event.


The medicinal properties of the CBD cannabinoid have provided relief to patients in ways that 10 years ago, most didn’t know was possible. And yet it is not readily available to many patients and most farmers focus their crops on THC-dominant strains. To recognize this under-represented aspect of the cannabis market, the strain with the highest CBD cannabinoid total is recognized for their good work and given a variety of products and others goodies.


The highest THC award copy goes here.

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The Golden Tarp's Ganjier AwardThose who work the hardest to better the cannabis community and industry can go unrecognized for the positive impacts they’ve made. We created The Ganjier Award to highlight and honor people like this. The first winner of the award was Samantha Miller of Pure Analytics for her outstanding work in the field of cannabis lab testing. Find out more about Samantha’s work in a Ganjier podcast about The 2014 Ganjier Award. This year’s winner will be announced at the award ceremony.

Artist and professor Joyce Centofanti crafts this intricate metal award through a combination of bronze casting, patina, welding and other art techniques for an award that, we hope, does justice to the people it celebrates.

The Ganjier Award also includes:

  • Products from Ganja Rebel Seeds
  • 4-Strain Cherry Cannador from Cannador
  • Treats fro Space Gem Candy
  • Swag pack from Royal Gold Coco with a T-shirt, doobtubes, stickers and more…


Golden Tarp Top 16 Award plaquesIt’s not easy making it into the top 16 of The Golden Tarp Awards competition. The care that went into stewarding the plant, pulling the tarp, and curing and trimming the harvest – all of it matters. Only flowers that test clean of pesticides, molds and fungi have an opportunity to place. The top 4 entries with the highest cannabinoid totals in each category – FLORAL, FUEL, EARTH, FRUITY – make up the top 16.

Each entry that makes it to this semi-final round is rewarded with a bronze Golden Tarp Award 2016 plaque. Artist and art professor Joyce Centofanti crafted the detailed mold that this bronze plaque is cast in, and she utilizes other art techniques to add the finishing touches.

Making the top 16 includes the plaque and:

  • Americover T-Shirt, decal and film cutting knife
  • Products from Ganja Rebel seeds
  • Treats from Space Gem Candies