Taste Northern California's Best Light Dep Cannabis

The Judging Process

YOU Could Be A Judge

10 Lucky Guests Will Be Randomly Selected to Join our Panel of Experts in the Judge’s Hall

Why should industry insiders have all the fun? Come to the 4th annual Golden Tarp Award on Nov. 18, 2017 at The Mateel in Humboldt and you’ll get a chance to win a Judge’s Pass! If chosen, you’ll be whisked away (with a +1) to our off-site Judge’s Hall where you’ll join our selected team of judges to smell, touch and smoke some of the finest craft light dep cannabis in California.

You’ll get to experience the Top 16 flower entries from the four flavor categories: Fruity, Floral, Earth, and Fuel. We test every entry to make sure it’s clean, no contaminants or pesticides. Once we know what’s clean and disqualify the rest, we select the top 4 in each flavor with the highest total cannabinoid content (THC, CBD, etc).

It’s up to you to sample all Top 16 and pick your absolute favorite before the award ceremony. Are you up to the challenge? Come out to the Golden Tarp Award and try your luck for a Judge’s Pass! 

All entries available at the event will have been tested through Pure Analytics to ensure they are free from pathogens, pesticides, chemical growth regulators, and/or fungal growth.Pure Analytics sponsors The Golden Tarp Awards


For the first time ever, we will be live streaming straight from the Golden Tarp Award Judge’s Hall for the Nov. 18, 2017 event. We will have a team of people hosting the event in real-time, and you can share your thoughts on this year’s entries with other judges on camera.

We will be doing interviews and other segments throughout the event on this stream, and it will be available for streaming on our website afterward. This is an exciting opportunity to give people around the world an inside look at a cannabis competition!

Don’t want to be on camera? Don’t worry. It’s not required if you’re randomly selected to be a judge. But, if you’d like an opportunity to be seen by the cannabis community and show the world what craft top quality cannabis is like in the Emerald Triangle, then we’ll start rolling!



Farmers can enter flowers into one of four flavor categories that they think best suits their cultivar:

  • Floral — examples: Blue Dream, Green Crack, Bubba’s Gift
  • Fuel — examples: OG, Chem Dog
  • Earth — examples: Bubba, Pure Kush, Hindu Kush
  • Fruity — examples: Agent Orange, Mendo Purp

Via blind judging, all participants will follow the below:

  1. There will be four tables, one for each of the categories — Floral, Fuel, Earth, Fruit. Each table will have the top four entries that lab results confirmed have the highest total cannabinoids in that category.
  2. Judges will sample the 16 strains and rate each one with a scorecard.
  3. Each entry will be numbered and anonymized so they may be judged fairly.
  4. Judging ends at 4 p.m.
  5. The entry with the highest score will be awarded the Golden Tarp Award at the evening award ceremony.