How To Enter Flowers

Show the world what you're working with

All entries will be light dep flowers and will be submitted by October 26th, 2017 to be tested through Pure Analytics. Any contaminated samples will be disqualified. The 4 strains in each category with the highest total cannabinoids will move on to the next round and be judged the day of the event, November 18th, 2017. Entries will be judged by attendees who are granted a judgeship.

  1. Only cannabis flowers grown using the light deprivation (tarp) method can be entered. Seed or clone starts are acceptable, and so are clones started under lights. Organic preferred.
  2. 215 Compliance: All entries must be grown and submitted by qualifying patients with a valid physician’s recommendation under full compliance with California State Law. Out of state submissions not accepted.
  3. Amount: Submit 2 ounces per entry. One person can submit as many entries as they like, as long as all entries comply with the rules.

What are the Cannabis Categories?

Cultivators can enter strains into one of four categories they think best suits their strain:

  1. Floral — examples: Blue Dream, Green Crack, Bubba’s Gift
  2. Fuel — examples: OG, Chem Dog
  3. Earth — examples: Bubba, Pure Kush, Hindu Kush
  4. Fruity — examples: Agent Orange, Mendo Purp


How to Enter 

  1. Entry Fee: $215 for the first entry and $215 for each additional entry, which covers lab testing from Pure Analytics.
  2. No Contaminants: Entries will be immediately disqualified if the Pure Analytics lab test shows the presence of pesticides, chemical growth regulators, fungal growth, and/or pathogens. Disqualified entries will not be available for judging at the event, and the remaining entry (minus the tested sample) can be picked up after November 18th, 2017 at Wonderland Nursery in Garberville.
  3. Drop off entries to one of three drop-off locations listed. Entries will be placed in provided Cannaline bags and drop-off location staff will number the entry.
  4. DEADLINE TO ENTER: October 26th, 2017

Drop Off Sites

Emerald Family Farms — Arcata/Eureka
45 Ericson Way, Arcata, CA 95521

Wonderland Nursery — Garberville
78 Bear Canyon Rd, behind Renner’s Station

Pure Analytics — Santa Rosa
5468 Skylane Blvd
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Barbary Coast — San Francisco
952 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94103

BLUM — Oakland
578 W Grand Ave
Oakland, CA 94612

Airfield Supply Company — San Jose
1190 Coleman Ave
San Jose CA