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True Humboldt

Humboldt County, CA

The Humboldt Sun Growers Guild is a growing network of Humboldt County farmers that have joined together to support the brand True Humboldt. By uniting the farmers the guild can scale the brand to be competitive with large corporations without losing their independence. Each farmer cultivates cannabis under the sun with sustainable practices, maintaining the heritage of premium cannabis the region is world renowned for.

Speaker Bio

Chrystal Ortiz is a permaculture gardener, cannabis medicine maker/educator and the Operations Manager at True Humboldt. Born in Mendocino in the seventies to “Back to Lander” parents, she shares the core values of environmental sustainability, community service and mindful cultivation that formed the foundation of this unique culture in the Emerald Triangle.

Leaving Mendocino as a young child, Chrystal spent her childhood years in an agricultural community on the border of Mexico in Southwestern Az where her mother worked in vegetable seed sales and production in large scale agriculture. Immersed in corporate agriculture and unsustainable practices, the lifestyle and culture of the rural homesteads in Northern California seemed like a distant fairytale.

In the late 90’s Chrystal returned to the hills of Humboldt County, determined to live the idyllic rural farm of the Emerald Triangle. For the past 16 years, she and her husband raised their two children off the grid learning permaculture and farming techniques deep in the rural Humboldt mountains. They grow in raised beds and make nutrient rich teas using native soils and compost from the property.

With the passage of Humboldt Countys recent land use ordinance, Chrystal has had the opportunity to move her farm from their Klamath mountain homestead to the fertile ag land of the Eel River valley. Things have come full circle, where she can now bring her agriculture background to her permaculture roots and take her farm to the next level using alluvial soil, IPM and advanced dry farming techniques.

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