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Biovortex vends at The Golden Tarp Awards


1115 11th Street
Arcata, CA 95521


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Biovortex has been described as a biologically minded approach towards regenerative solutions, a scientific and soulful appreciation for the interrelated nature of all life and energy, an art project utilizing plants, people, places, projects, photography, and demonstrating the effectiveness of ecodynamic gardening, building soil, transforming waste, permaculture design, and environmental consciousness! There is a relationship of land, water, earth, sky, plants, animals, fungi, life, death, rebirth, as the flow of life energy – photons from the sun, reaches into photosynthetic bacteria encapsulated within plants. An age old cycle of energy capture, transfer, and release, as plants eat animals, and fungi eat plants, and animals eat themselves… Utilizing the systems perfected by nature, and intelligent observation, allows the design of systems of incredible productivity, that simultaneously regenerate and restore the land, soil, and watershed.

Speaker Bio

Jesse Dodd is a gardener, beeder, artist and living soil builder. He specializes in multifaceted composting strategies, utilizing appropriate biology, based on location and materials in an attempt to optimize the process. His hope is to instill in others how important living soils are to our life on this planet and the need to return our organic wastes back into the natural cycles.

He is the creator of Biovortex, a living conceptual art piece, utilizing the mediums of gardening, soil building, breeding, photography, writing, imagination, social media, conversations, and presentations, with the goal of influencing the cannabis industry in the direction of a profitable and environmentally regenerative future. It’s his belief that through the development of regenerative cannabis farms we can create tremendous economic growth and opportunity, while having a positive impact on the environment.

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