michael steinmetz, Founder of Flow Kana


Founder, Flow Kana

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Flow Kana

Santa Rosa, CA


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Who We Are

We pride ourselves on being the first sustainable, sun-grown cannabis brand to represent two of California’s most special micro-climates and their small farmer ecosystems. We partner with, and give scale to, premier artisan farmers in Mendocino County and Southern Humboldt who focus on small batch, boutique strains. Our products are available throughout the Golden State.

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Michael Steinmetz is the founder of Flow Kana. Flow Kana is looking to be the Whole Foods of the cannabis market. Learn why cannabis enthusiasts are increasingly wanting to know where their cannabis comes from, who grew it, and under what conditions. Imagine being able to communicate with the grower of your cannabis to ask questions, with Flow Kana you can.

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