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Pure Analytics cannabis testing laboratory is committed to the service of medicinal cannabis patients. We care about your safety and giving you the information you need to choose the medicinal cannabis that is right for you. At Pure Analytics your cannabis samples are analyzed by qualified scientists with years of experience. Our team provides you with simple, easy-to-read results that you can trust.

We are proud to provide comprehensive analytical lab services to the medicinal cannabis community. Using proven technologies and techniques, our lab-validated methods and Quality Control programs produce legally defensible data, ensuring the highest level of confidence in your results.

Speaker Bio

Samantha Miller is President and Chief Scientist at Pure Analytics, LLC – a cannabis testing lab based in northern california. In addition to her work at Pure Analytics, Samantha is an instructor at the 707 Cannabis College.

Graduating cum laude, Samantha received her B.S. in Biochemistry. In turn, she was awarded scholarships and fellowships with the National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense and The Beckman Foundation for research in pro-drug discovery.

Samantha has more than 15 years experience in analytical chemistry. Her particular focuses include drug development, environmental analysis, materials chemistry and more. Not only can Samantha use the necessary equipment to analyze chemical compounds in cannabis, but she can build them as well.

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