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At Sunboldt Grown we have made a commitment to provide not only the best medicine but to foster a new way of thought with that very medicine. With that in mind we have set a standard for ourselves on how we produce; that is aimed at bringing this industry into the future without compromising the ideals that make Humboldt what it is. Our crops are produced in Southern Humboldt under the full sun, and grown using our own special brand of organic methods. It is our firm belief that cannabis be produced for quality and not quanity; which reflects in our small family estate farms. Our products are exclusively distributed through the Humboldt Sungrowers Guild and are now easily verifable under Humboldt counties new track and trace program Humboldt Origin.

Speaker Bio

Sunshine Johnston grew up in backwood communities of Southern Humboldt in the early 80’s. She spent the summers growing in the brush next to her home hidden from helicopters while her mother led a campaign to save oldgrowth redwoods. Currently she lives on the banks of the Eel River where she owns and operates Sunboldt Grown and produces fresh raw cannabis infused food and drink and premium homegrown. She has worked for a wine distributor for ten years and traveled to wineries in Willamette Valley Oregon and Calaveras County.

Sunshine is chair of the Southern Humboldt Community Alliance and a founder of International Cannabis Farmers Association. Her and her generation are working to protect the alternative culture created by the back to the land movement as cannabis goes main stream. She sees the formation of an Appellation of Origin as the best way to preserve small autonomous farms in the hills of Humboldt County. Ganja TREE, Talk Radio for the Emerald Empire is a monthly talk show she hosts for KMUD community radio and covers all thing cannabis.

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